6 Ways to Reconnect with Nature


Reconnecting with nature is not just about spending time in the wilderness. There are many ways to stay in sync with your natural environment even if you live in the city surrounded or surrounded by concrete jungles. Here are some of the many ways to have more contact with nature regardless of how busy life gets.

1. Fine-tune your senses
Many people inadvertently tune out what is familiar or constant in everyday life. Things like the feel of the wind on skin, the smell of grass, and the sounds birds and insect make often go unnoticed. If you want to have more contact with nature, fine-tuning your senses is a good start. Take a moment everyday to immerse yourself in the sensations that you may experience in natural settings.

2. Feel the earth beneath your feet
When was the last time you walked barefoot or simply stood on a patch of grass on your bare feet? If you have not experienced it yet or have not done it for a long time, now is a great time to do it. Making contact with your natural environment activates your senses allowing you to have a deeper connection with nature.

3. Take the time to watch the sunrise or sunset
Sunrise and sunset are among nature’s breathtaking wonders that you can see every day. Wake up early to see the sun rise or drop whatever you are doing later in the day to see the sunset.

4. Find quiet in green spaces
Explore green spaces like parks, gardens, and other nature spots near you. Find quiet or a soothing space where you can take a break to refresh your mind and body. Use the time to simply enjoy your surroundings and tune in to all the things you can experience if you give yourself time to pay attention to everything around you.

5. Grow a garden
Watching plants grow makes you more connected to the natural cycles of plant life. It also allows for plenty of contact with soil and other natural materials that will help your plants grow. You can grow edible plants in your backyard or in containers if you do not have space for a full-scale garden.

6. Explore the wilderness
Take the time to visit places that allow you to experience the wilderness. Spend a vacation in a national park or nature reserve or book a trip in eco-destinations where you can explore the wild. Hike in woodland or mountain trails, camp in the middle of the wilderness under a blanket of stars, swim in a natural pool beneath spectacular waterfalls, forage for food in the forest, and more.

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